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Here are the Events of SAEEA


  1. Ned69ers mini reunion July 28 2018new
  2. SAEEA 19th Reunionnew
  3. SAEEA 18th Reunionnew
  4. Ned69ers mini reunion July 01 2018new
  5. Ned69ers mini reunion april 04 2017
  6. Ned69ers 6th reunion
  7. Saeea 16th reunion
  8. Video>
  9. Saeea Celebrated its 15th reunion
  10. Engr Col Rifat Hayat Ned69ers Mechanical visited Karachi
  11. Saeea 14th Reunion
  12. Ned69ers mini reunion at Engr Omar Vowda Residence in Karachi
  13. An evening with Engr Muhammad Irshad
  14. Engr Iqbal Hussain Ned69ers mechanical visit Karachi
  15. Saeea 11th reunion Farm house picnic musical program 2014
  16. Saeea 11th reunion Karachi Farm house and swimming pool activities
  17. A tribute to Late Sher Ali
  18. SAEEA 12th Reunion
  19. SAEEA 13th Reunion
  20. Album Jabbar visit to Karachi
  21. Jabbar visit Pakistan
  22. Ned69ers reunion at Engr-Naheed Ghazanfar residenc in Canada school
  23. SAEEA 13th reunion 5th anniversary eid-milan held on August-9-2015
  24. Prof Dr. Mohiuddin Ali Khan visits relatives friends in Pakistan
  25. Engr Syed Misbah ul Islam Sabri visits relatives in Pakistan
  26. engr Mansoor h Kureshy elec attended KSA reunion 2015 Dhahran
  27. Engr Syed Sharif Naqvi in Karachi to visit his relatives
  28. Saeea 12th reunion function at Arena Club in Karachi
  29. Ned69ers reunion in Karachi
  30. Highlights Saeea 11th reunion 4th Anniversary held on August-10-2014
  31. Highlights of Saeea 10th reunion
  32. Highlights of Saeea 9th reunion
  33. Saeea celebrated their 8th reunion and held 2nd elections
  34. Saeea hosts their 7th reunion in Karachi Pakistan
  35. Saeea celebrates fifth anniversary
  36. Abdul Jabbar Khan visits to Karachi Pakistan
  37. Saeea 4th reunion Luncheon held march-04-2012
  38. Saeea's anniversary and Eid Milan Luncheon
  39. 2nd reunion of former ARAMCO employees in Pakistan

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  1. Cricket tournament by Being Student - BSL 2018new
  2. Rehmat ul Alameen Welfare Organization Tube Well Projectnew
  3. Student Industry Collaboration - Being Student visit to SAPT Karachinew
  4. Generations School Juniors Athletic Sports Daynew
  5. Zaras Ameen and Roza Khushainew
  6. Yadon ka Khazana
  7. Rehmat ul Alameen welfare organization
  8. A Tribute to Late Syed Mahmood Ali
  9. Aramco reunion at family musical program
  10. A family picnic at turtule beach Karachi
  11. Video
  12. IEP trip to yunus energy limited
  13. Saeea visits to farm house at gharo
  14. Saeea visits Shahzadi farm
  15. An Evening with Mohammad Shareef
  16. An Evening with Samad Siddiqi
  17. An Evening with Mirza Hafeez
  18. Ghazel by Shareef Hussain
  19. Saeea visit to farm house at Gharo
  20. Saeea monthly progress meeting Oct 29 2016
  21. NED-Set Rehmat ul Alameen welfare organizatoin 2016
  22. NED-Set Rehmat ul Alameen welfare organizatoin
  23. Engr Iqbal A Khan friends picnic at Sonehri Beach
  24. Karachi City of SAEEA-Extended...
  25. Talking Images (PAF Museum)
  26. Mr Hadi Rizvi guest speaker at international human rights day celebrations at iep kc
  27. Saeea friendly visit to Maqbool Ilahi Khawajas residence
  28. Karachi a city of Saeea
  29. Ameen Khatam e Quran of baby Zoya Imran
  30. Saeea Eid ul Adha celebrations in Karachi 1436h
  31. Saeea living legend Syed Muhammad Ali senior member 80 plus years of age
  32. 2014 a year of change and growth
  33. Habib and Zoya BBQ party for their friends and close relatives at their residence
  34. Iqbal Khan Eid celebration
  35. Karachi a city of Saeea
  36. Karachi from the casement of past
  37. SAEEA Launching of Website on a New Domain
  38. Engr Tanweer Ahmed organized a surprise dinner party
  39. Eid ul fitar celebration in Karachi
  40. Karachi hit by bad heat waves
  41. Eid ul Fitr celebrated by Saeea members in Karachi
  42. Mariam completed her recitation
  43. Zoya Imran celebrated her first fast breaking ceremony in Karachi
  44. Muhammad Salim Hamid become grandparents
  45. Completion of recitating the Holy Quran Ceremony
  46. Engr Muhammad Ahmed visited Pakistan
  47. Welcome Master Saalif Siddiqui
  48. Aramco brats Sunbul and Irfan farooqui welcome twins
  49. Light musical function of Sham e Ghazal in Karachi
  50. Shahid Hussain visits old friends from Pakistan
  51. Saleha Ahmed blessed with a baby girl
  52. Saeea strengthening ties for Saudi Aramco retirees and their families in Pakistan

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